Mondays are hard, but they are a lot more hard if you’re not prepared for them. Today I am going to share with you some things that I make sure I do EVERY Sunday to ensure that we have a great week. These tips are sure to make you have a good Monday

Clean Your Car

Every Sunday I try my very best to clean out the van. On a good week, I will clean it inside and out. Most weeks we just stop by the car wash and vacuum it out and clean out all of the trash that has accumulated throughout the week. Also make a point to take all the items out that don’t belong in the car. You know the random socks and toys.

Lady in blue shirt vacuuming and cleaning out her red car.

Clean Out Your Bags

This is another area that gets very messy; purses, work bags, diaper bags, gym bags. On Sundays, just bite the bullet and clean them all out. You’ll thank yourself this week when everything is restocked and easy to find in your bags.

When you’re cleaning out your purse don’t forget to clean out your wallet as well and get rid of all of those old receipts.

red purse sitting on table with contents laid out to be cleaned.


I love going to bed on Sunday nights with all of our laundry finished. My goal is to have it all washed, dried and put away. Reality is that this doesn’t always happen but as long as I have it washed and dried then life is much better! As a result of having it all completed by Monday, it’s much easier to maintain my 1 load per day schedule.

Clean Main Area

I know that it isn’t realistic to have a totally clean house on Monday morning, you want to spend your weekend with your family not spend it cleaning. I get it. That’s why my goal is to only have to main areas clean. For me, that’s our living room and kitchen.

I am currently typing this on Sunday night at 11pm. I can say that our living room and kitchen are clean. We could have drop in company and I wouldn’t mind. Our bedrooms are a COMPLETE DISASTER.

That’s okay.

No one can see it anyways!

Mondays are my bedroom cleaning days anyway, I can usually knock it out quickly. Brayden will clean his room as soon as he gets home.

Clean Kitchen At Night

This falls into the cleaning your main area topic but it’s so important I thought it needed its own little paragraph.

We have tackled the early morning rush with a clean kitchen and we have tackled it with an extremely dirty kitchen. I much prefer to first option.

If we start out our morning trying to make lunches and get breakfast ready in a cluttered kitchen. It just makes for a frustrating start.

It doesn’t take that long to wash up those dishes and clear the counter.

My goal, is to go to bed with a clear counter and a clear table.

Things to Remember

  • Life happens- It’s okay if you don’t get these things all completed every week. Think about what will be most beneficial to your family and do that.
  • If you’re just starting, pick a couple and start with those! Don’t overwhelm yourself.
  • Try to recruit some help, my husband is so good about helping me get a quick cleaning done at night. It will make it go so much faster.
  • When you are cleaning, only do what needs to be done to make your house look presentable. This means picking up trash, putting anything away, remove items that don’t belong there and straightening up your throw pillows and blankets.

Here is a good quick breakfast recipe to help make those mornings go by even easier.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Please let me know below what tips that you have for a good Monday and a good week.

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