We announced our pregnancy in October 2017  unfortunately, God called that sweet baby home just 7 weeks into my pregnancy. My doctor said that she was sure that I would be pregnant within a year. And that is where our twin pregnancy story begins.

In December 2017 we found out that we were pregnant again. We decided to go ahead and tell our parents because if we were to go through another miscarriage we didn’t want to do it alone. My mom’s birthday was December 28th so we wrote in her card Happy Birthday! Love, Andy, Kendall, Brayden & Baby C. We were all so happy, but in the back of my mind I was still scared and nervous since our previous miscarriage.

I thought that it was weird when I took that pregnancy test when I was about 5 weeks along, that it showed up a VERY dark line, immediately. The morning sickness started early and it was fierce.

One night my husband jokingly said, “Honey, maybe you’re having twins.” I said “Maybe”  and laughed, thinking that isn’t possible, it doesn’t run in our family. (Obviously, I was uneducated about twins then) The next day my then 7-year-old said: “Mommy, I have been praying to God for you to have twins.”

Let me tell ya something, God listens to those 7-year-old prayers.

Me having twins became the running joke of the family.

A few weeks later we went into our appointment, I had decided to change doctors between the miscarriage and this pregnancy. This time I was seeing a doctor in our closest large city which was an hour and a half drive from our house. I didn’t really have a reason, I just felt like I should. I was so nervous heading into that ultrasound. I asked the tech if everything looked okay, I explained my fears with another miscarriage and she said, everything looks perfect. But there is one thing. My heart sank. I am picking up two heartbeats because there are two babies.

My husband laughs in disbelief, I just lie there in shock. Then I said, Nope. It doesn’t run in our family.  She said well we will know a little more later on but it looks like the type of twins that they are they will be identical so that doesn’t run in the family. It just happens, some people call it a fluke.

As I saw the doctor she was explaining twins to me and said it’s actually quite simple… the fertilized egg for some random reason splits. No one knows why it happens. She again mentioned that some people call it a fluke.  I prefer the word blessing.

Which is where my blog name came from Simple Blessings.

Brayden reminds me all of the time that he has proof that God is real because he answered his prayers about having twins.

Whatever the reason, I am just so blessed and forever grateful that God chose me to be the mom of my 3 sweet boys.

Check out this story for how my twin pregnancy affected me mentally. Also be on the lookout for Part 2!

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