If this all seems overwhelming just take a step back and breathe. Look in your pantry and see what you have on hand.

After becoming a stay at home mom I realized that a lot of things were going to have to change with our grocery budget and how we did all things grocery related. We have all seen that couponing show where people will buy $765 worth of groceries for $1.42 and get 1,546
boxes of cereal. Okay, that may be an exaggeration but you know exactly what I am talking about. That isn’t for me. We were needing an easy, quick way to help us save money and for me, I knew that wasn’t couponing.  Here are the same 5 things that I did to save money at the grocery.  

Meal Plan

This is one of the most important things to start doing to save money at the grocery. I recommend that you start meal planning immediately! I have been meal planning for YEARS. You won’t regret it, I promise you that it will work!
Think about it, if you go into the grocery store with no plan at all then you are probably just going to buy random things. You will get home and go to cook dinner and realize that you have nothing to cook. If you go in with a plan and a list you will be focused on getting items only on your list or in your meal plan.
It’s so simple to meal plan, It doesn’t take me any more than 15 minutes per week. I sit down with my planner and pick 7 meals for dinner, items for breakfast and items for lunches. It’s a good idea to try to plan for a couple of days to be quick things just because we all have those nights when we don’t feel like cooking. I’m a lot less likely to eat out if I have a frozen pizza in the freezer.

Eat Leftovers

This is a touchy subject with some. My husband isn’t a huge fan of leftovers, there are some things that I can eat leftover and some things that I prefer not too. However, I will try to think ahead. If I cook ground beef one night and we have leftovers I will put it in a freezer bag and stick it in the freezer and plan for the next week to use it up. We try our best not to waste anything, you can always freeze your excess and have it again for later. Something that I freeze a lot if leftover taco items, beans, meat, rice, etc. and use it as a starter for tortilla soup.

Shop Sales

While I do not clip coupons, I will take a look at the sale ad while making my meal plan. If I see that chicken is on sale and ground beef isn’t then we will plan to have chicken tacos instead of beef or have a couple of different meals with chicken.

Order Groceries Online

Some people don’t have an option for grocery pick up in their area. We didn’t until just recently. In my local town, we have Kroger Clicklist. While I have used it I much prefer Walmart Grocery Pickup. I don’t have experience with other places but I do know that Kroger charges $4.95 and Walmart is free. My husband happens to drive through a town on his way home. He is able to pick up our groceries every week. 
Click this link for a coupon code for you to save $10 off of your first Walmart Grocery Pickup order.
I see the difference weekly. If I use Walmart Pickup I spend between $70-90. If we go into the grocery it’s upwards of $120. There is something about seeing that total go up on your order that makes you question, Do I really need those Oreos? 

Cut Back On Cooking

I was raised in the South, which means I was raised to serve a large meal. We would have meat and 2-3 sides plus bread. Not only is that not healthy it costs so much! I have cut back on our cooking so much. I will make some kind of meat and one side, we still get full. No one is starving and we saved those other two sides for 2 other meals. Try it, I promise your family probably won’t even notice.
If this all seems overwhelming just take a step back and breathe. Look in your pantry, see what you have on hand. Make a list of your inventory, then use that to see what your meal plan can be for the next week. 
Let me know if you have any other tips to save money at the grocery. 

I want to hear from you: Do you have grocery pickup or delivery in your are? If so, how often do you use it? 


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