Today I am going to be sharing with you a review about the Christian Planner. This planner was purchased for me by a family member as a gift, they let me choose the style and color. After I received it, I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you. This is a completely honest review. I will share a link to the website where it can be purchased, this isn’t an affiliate link. I don’t benefit at all if you order.

chrsitian planner in navy on table with pen and white pumpkin

First of all, it’s gorgeous. I chose the navy blue undated. This is a very rich blue color. As you can tell on the outside there is an elastic band to hold it together. Real quickly I will give you the different options that is offered on their website.


2020 Dated Planner

2019-2020 Academic Planner

Undated Planner

Daily Prayer Journal

I cannot speak anything about the other products, I’m sure I would love all of them as much as this one. The color options for the undated are: white, navy, coral, teal and lilac.

All colors are amazing, I am more of a neutral person since black or brown wasn’t an option, I chose navy!

Goal Tracking Pages

vision board in christian planner

One of the reasons why I love this planner so much are all of the different features in this that I’ve never seen in any other planner out there. At the beginning of the planner there are two pages of a vision board. There are questions to help give you some ideas of some things to put on these pages.

There is also a section at the bottom for a bucket list, for this year, 5 years from now and a lifetime bucket list. How fun?!

habit tracking goals in christian planner

The next page is a healthy habit goals. There is a section for daily, 1-2 times per week, 1-2 times per month and 1-3 times per year where you can write down what goals you want to tackle. On the 2nd page is a place where you can track yearly goals.

Monthly Spread

I don’t use the monthly spread for much, usually just bill tracking. I don’t need a fancy monthly spread. As you’ll see below, there is a small area where you can write in the Month. Below that is an area for monthly goals. The week does start on Sunday. I am NOT a fan of that, but that’s really just a personal preference.

At the top is a black area with a scripture. At the bottom is an area for reflections, it asks what blessings came in your life and what accomplishments you are proud of.

Across from that is an area for action, it asks what can you do to demonstrate love for God this month.

I will say that I probably won’t use this exactly as it is listed. I am a Christian so I am fine with the religious content being in there but some of the prompts I plan to use in another way.

monthly spread

Weekly Devotion

There is a 2 page spread before every week with a place for sermon notes, bible study notes and another reflection and action section. This could be easily converted into just a notes page if you don’t want to use it this way.

sermon notes

Weekly Spread

Now on to the good part! The weekly spread. This is the part that matters. There is a nice, large area on the side for To Do’s. There is also some scripture on the top of the 2nd page. Along the bottom is a place for goals and a habit tracker with 9 spaces for habits, I love that!

Let’s talk about the days of the week. Again, the week starts on Sunday. I like how it is divided out by Daytime and Night Time sections. That is nice, but if that’s not your thing you could cover it with a sticker or washi. The days are lined, I do like that as well.

weekly spread for chrsitian planner

Notes Pages & Storage

There are 10 blank notes pages in this planner, that is impressive! I also like that there is a large pocket in the back. The stickers aren’t included, I showed them so you could see the pocket! There is also a pen loop on this which is awesome. I always put my planner in my purse and lose my pen in my purse. So, I appreciate a pen loop!

pocket and pen loop

Final Thoughts About Planner

This planner is $34.95, which is pretty comparable to most planners. It is definitely a good price for the quality. It is a 7″x 10″ and comes with 2 ribbon bookmarks, an elastic band and a pen loop.

This planner is easily customizable. If you love this planner but aren’t a Christian or you don’t want a religious planner, I think that this would still work for you. You could easily cover any part of this planner that you weren’t comfortable with.

I think that this planner is one you really need to get in it and make it messy and your own!

Positive Thoughts

  • Lies flat when writing.
  • Doesn’t bleed through.
  • Customizable.
  • Goal/ Habit tracking friendly.
  • Simple
  • Beautiful Planner

Negative Thoughts

  • Sunday week start.
  • Too many prompts, I almost wish there weren’t so many prompts and instructions for this planner. Maybe give a run down in the front and leave them prompts out throughout the planner.
  • Lines are somewhat small on the weekly spread.

I do genuinely love this planner. I will be using it in the new year. The negatives are definitely things that I can get past. If you want to see more about how I use this be sure to check out my Instagram to see in the upcoming year.

Click here for a free printable PDF to try out the planners before you buy!

If you’re interested in purchasing click here! There are some sales coming soon so keep an eye out for those! When I see them, I’ll share on my IG!

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