This weeks post is going to be slightly different. I want to share about an experience that I had today. Before I can get to that though, I need to share a little bit of info leading up to that.

Let’s start off with first thing this morning. We usually wake up between 6:30 and 6:45. My son woke me up at 7:05 with coincidentally is the same time that the bus runs. Brayden is a champ when it comes to oversleeping. He had his clothes and bookbag ready to go so he grabbed his clothes quickly, threw on his cowboy boots and chased down the bus.

It wasn’t my proudest Mom moment. I hate it when he starts out his day behind like that. It makes me feel like the worst mother in the world. I was already beating myself up over it.

As soon as he got to school I got a message from the teacher saying that he wore boots and he needed other shoes for gym class.

I had planned on going out this morning anyways and taking someone with me to help out with the boys. I just had a few small errands to run. This just pushed up my schedule a little. I fed the boys and packed them in the car.

As I was leaving I remembered that Brayden only took a small jacket to school this morning and it was much colder than I thought. So I grabbed his winter coat and headed out to my friend’s house who was going to tag along with me.

She got in the car and the first thing that she said to me was, “Oh, wow, what is wrong with your hair today?” I knew that I wasn’t particularly having a good hair day, I got ready in just a couple of minutes, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Then she says “You look like a sumo wrestler.” I couldn’t find a hair clip this morning so I grabbed a small hairband and pulled my hair back with it.

I don’t usually take things to heart, I have pretty tough skin, but on this day, I wasn’t my best self. We had a rough start, all 5 of us in the house was suffering a cold and not sleeping well. I thought that this person was there to help me and uphold me on rough days like this. Apparently not.

I made it to the school, ran inside with his athletic shoes, winter coat and my sumo wrestler hair. I felt like I was being judged slightly by the secretary. She acted so annoyed when I said I was there with Brayden’s shoes and coat.

I was heading down the hallway when I spotted another mom, she started conversation by saying “Hey, what are you doing?” This was my reply “Oh, I’m here to drop this stuff off, we’re having a rough morning, Brayden wore the wrong shoes for gym class and he forgot his coat. I am failing as a mother today.”

This was her AMAZING reply to me. “No, you’re not. Your child wore shoes today, who cares if it’s boots and not tennis shoes.” “You are a mother to 3 kids, 2 of which are toddlers, you are an amazing mother and you’re doing an amazing job.”


I wanted to cry.

I needed to hear that so badly, I’ve needed to hear that for awhile.

My husband tells me things like this often but there is something about hearing it come from another woman and another mother that makes it really stand out to me.

After she said that to me the guilt was over. I no longer felt bad for us being late this morning. When Brayden got off of the bus today, I apologized and we agreed that hopefully, we could make it up in time tomorrow.

If you are a mom today who is struggling. Just know.

You are an amazing mother & you are doing an amazing job!

The next time you see another mom struggling, offer her some kind words. You really don’t know how much it will impact her!

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