Living in a small house means also having a small kitchen. I have had to be very creative when it comes to organization and storage in the kitchen. I think I have most of it mastered, except for my spice drawer. I have had my spices in several different drawers and cabinets throughout the years. Recently I had moved them into a very small drawer that we had used for baby bibs and spoons, we didn’t need those any longer so it was now my spice drawer. That didn’t work. I didn’t like that those were lying on their side and the spices would get spilled. I realized that it was time for some spice drawer organization.

messy spice drawer organization
I cannot believe how messy this was before!

I took to Amazon. They had some pretty inexpensive options for spice drawer organization. I thought that the best idea would be to get some spice jars to make everything the same shape and size so that it would fit in the drawer better. My goal was to be able to find something that fits in that narrow drawer. I really liked the looks of this set, however, they wouldn’t fit in the drawer. Then I found these cuties. How adorable are those little jars?! And they fit perfectly in my drawer. When I ordered they were around $30 for 30 jars, 2 funnels, and 280 spice labels.

I was even more impressed with the quality when they arrived. I wasn’t impressed with the labels though. Some things were misspelled. The labels weren’t relevant to the jar sizes, some of the labels said pasta and beans and these jars are TINY. I got a good laugh out of it.

Small Spice Jar with label on top
Aren’t these so cute?

I was able to pick through the 280 labels and find almost everything that I needed minus a couple of random spices that I own but they did include some blank labels to make your own.

The funnel made life so much easier I was able to quickly fill up all of the spice jars. They fit in my drawer like a gove. I was able to fit 21 jars in my drawer although 6 are empty to replace some things that I was out of.

Filling up spice jar with small funnel

Regardless of the labels being a little wonky. I still think that these are well worth the price if you’re looking for a good set of spice jars. So get in that kitchen and get that spice drawer organized!

Spice Drawer Organization
I am loving the clean look of my finished spice drawer!

I want to know: What kind of spice drawer organization do you have in your kitchen?

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