We've all seen it, the Pinterest perfect birthday parties. They are impressive. Within the past 9 years of being a mother, I hosted one Pinterest worthy party and that was Brayden's 1st birthday. We did a Mickey Mouse theme and rented a big auditorium, we had balloons and streamers everywhere. I have to paint a mental picture for you because that was back before digital photos and Facebooks sharing was really a thing. It was very cute but so expensive and so overrated. The end result (celebrating his birthday) was just the same as it would have been had we hosted a nice small intimate party at home with close family and friends.

I am not bashing anyone who has Pinterest worthy parties, for some it's fun and I totally respect that and say kudos to you. However, that isn't for me, planning and having big parties stresses me out and gives me great anxiety. So for those reasons, you will probably never see a Pinterest worthy party on my blog. We do simple, at home parties.

Elijah and Isaac just turned one last week! We had planned a small intimate party at an outside gazebo, The heat index for the party time that day was 110 degrees.  Since we had about 20 people invited and we don't have the space for that many we changed the location to my parent's house which is definitely more suited for hosting a larger party.

I will elaborate a little about how we do our parties.


I strive to keep our birthday partied low key, we don't have a large family so we don't have a ton of people to invite anyways, the 1st birthday was a special occasion so we did have more people invited. Usually, we just have grandparents only and we let Brayden invite a friend or two if he wants to.


As far as decorations go, we let them choose their own and we have also made it a tradition to let them go shopping to pick out their supplies. Last year Brayden chose Minecraft, It was a simple theme, I bought green table cloths, bought a few Minecraft decorations and looked on Pinterest for DIY Minecraft decor ideas, I probably spent a maximum of $20 on decor. A cheap place to check for Decorations is Amazon. While browsing for the boy's party supplies I found this adorable unicorn set, its $24 and includes everything you will need, even a cake topper!  If you're on an even tighter budget, check out the Dollar Tree, I have recently spotted some really cute Lego decorations there.


So this is the area in which I usually overspend in. Last year I bought Brayden a Minecraft cake and some Minecraft cookies, It was around $60 for both. The cake was very cute and the cookies were adorable, however, there was way too much leftover cake and the cookies tasted terrible, were hard as a rock and all went in the garbage. For Eli & Isaac's party, I was going to make my own, I had good intentions. 1 sheet cake and 2 smash cakes, I could do it. Simple enough. Well, I failed miserably. Picture this, It is the night before the party and my cakes fell apart (I am not a baker, I can cook up a decent meal but God didn't bless me in the baking department) I was already stressed because that's what I do when we have more than 6 guests coming to a party. It's 7pm in the middle of a thunderstorm and I head to our local grocery store to get a cake. Now, I live in a small town and our grocery store has a select variety of options. There was one white cake but it had yellow roses on top. The baker told me that if I freeze the cake I can easily pop the roses off and decorate it myself the next day. It actually didn't turn out too bad, I'll post a picture! So from now on, I believe we will do cupcakes. You can't go wrong or mess up cupcakes.


I never know what to do in this department. I usually serve some kind of food and honestly it never really gets eaten. At Brayden's party last year we had pizza and we had so many leftovers. Eli & Isaac's party was at 7:00, I knew that would be after everyone had already eaten dinner so I opted to only have cake and ice cream and I am so glad that I did. We served the cake, ice cream, and lemonade and water. Everyone was just fine and no one starved.

How you do your birthday party totally depends on the season of life that you're in. If it's important for you to have a big fancy party than you go, girl! More power to you. If you prefer a more intimate at-home party that's awesome too.

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you're spending time with family to celebrate your children.  When your kids get older they're not going to remember the Pinterest worthy birthday parties, they will remember the love and family.

Brayden's Minecraft Cake
Brayden's Minecraft Cake
Our store bought but homemade deocrated cake
Our store bought but homemade deocrated cake
Simple Decorations
Simple Decorations

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