Mom Taking Photograph Of Child

Do your older kids HATE taking pictures like mine does? absolutely hates it. But you know what? I still make him stop and take them, all of the time. I hope your photo reel is as full of photos of your kids! Mine is!

Life is short and one day we will look back on all of those pictures when our kids are older and be so thankful that we have them!

I often think about when I was a child. We didn’t have social media or smartphones and part of me is thankful for that but I also look at the photos that my mother has of me and a lot of them are just random photos or photos that are taken professionally. Which is great but we weren’t really able to capture a ton these raw moments. Well, we could. It just wasn’t nearly as convenient.

You know how it was, you take a photo in the ’90s and hope it’s good. Drop it off at Walmart and then wait for a week to pick it up. If it was bad, then sorry about your luck. Do you remember those days?

This makes me want to capture those moments even more. We will look back on this photo that I was taking and remember that this was a random Saturday in August. We were going to Walmart but decided to stop at a neighboring historic town first and spend the morning. We had the best time and this photo will bring those memories back.

Time flies.

Kids grow up.

Life moves on.

My “baby” is now 9 years old. He reminds me all of the time that he is halfway to 18. When he reminds me this my heart sinks. In 9 more years when he is off to college, I won’t have him here with me to take these simple photos.

Cherish the time, Momma.

They won’t be here forever.

Take all of the photos of your kids that your heart desires.

Some of my favorite photos are when I:

Take Photos of Them Playing

You can get some really cute photos of your kids while they’re doing what they do best-playing. As I think back, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a picture of myself playing as a kid. These are things that I know I will love to look back on.

Take Photos of Them Sleeping

Is there anything better than a picture of a sleeping baby? My 9 year old probably wouldn’t appreciate a picture of him sleeping but if you have young kids, snap away as they’re snoozing.

Take Photos of Them and Loved Ones

This is my favorite. I recently lost both of my grandmother unexpectedly. I look back on all of those photos and CHERISH the ones that I have of me with them.

Black and White Photo of grandfather and grandsons sitting in yard.
This is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken recently. This is of my father and the boys sitting in our front yard. This is a photo that I and the boys will cherish forever.

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