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Fall has finally arrived here in Kentucky. It was a brisk 42 degrees here this morning, we have officially switched our heat on and have completed all of our outdoor fall check lists. Read about it here. That brings me to my indoor fall cleaning list.

I like to have this list completed pretty quickly, within a week or so. My goal is to have all of my fall cleaning list completed before the end of October.

Most fall cleaning lists that I have seen is broken down by room, I am going to break mine down by category.

Ceilings, Lighting, Fans, and Trim

I HATE cleaning the ceiling. There, I admitted it. It’s a terrible job, it may not help that we have popcorn ceilings. Those things are awful, I wish I had a really neat tip for cleaning them. I don’t. If you have one, share it please!

It is something that needs to be done though. They can get so dusty and dirty. I usually just take my Dyson and get the ceiling the best that I can.

For the trim, lighting, and fans, I use this duster and spray it with this furniture polish. It will be shining and the house will smell amazing.


I like to wipe my walls down with just vinegar and essential oils ( I like lemon). I put it in a glass bottle, spray it on and wipe off. It cleans so well and the vinegar and essential oils help with smells.

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar you could just use your favorite multi purpose spray.

2 women standing in bathroom washing a wall with orange cleaner

Floors and Baseboards

As mentioned before I have a Dyson vacuum. I love it and HIGHLY recommend one. I use that to vacuum my floors really well. To clean my floors I use an O-Cedar microfiber mop and this Bona laminate cleaner. I use the mop for large areas but for the baseboards and on the floor around them I just mop, still with the Bona, but I do it by hand. That way I am sure that I get in all of the tight spaces that the mop can’t fit.


Even though I dust more than seasonally I still like to go around usually while washing walls and dust all of the things on my walls. Thankfully since downsizing this is one thing that I don’t have much of. I don’t have a ton of knick knacks sitting around so this doesn’t take me long.


This is a good time to declutter some items that you don’t use any more. Especially before the holidays. I will have a whole post about fall decluttering you can check that out here. But while you’re doing your fall cleaning there are a few areas I like to declutter at this time. Those are Cleaning Supplies, Pantry, and Kitchen. You may think that’s an odd combination but, I want to declutter my cleaning supplies before a big seasonal cleaning just to make sure I have what I need. I like to declutter the pantry and kitchen because, fall = baking season for me. I am ALWAYS baking in the fall and I like to have a good inventory of my pantry


Let’s give those appliances a good cleaning, I will admit, I hate cleaning my oven. I have an older stove and I don’t like to use the self-cleaning feature. I did find this oven cleaner that makes the job a little easier. You spray this in the oven and leave it, it can be left overnight and wipe it out the next day with a sponge. I also plan to purchase some oven liners. They are silicone and it makes spills easier to clean up. I also clean all small appliances and the refrigerator.

This will complete part 1 of my fall cleaning list. Part 2 will be out later this week!

Links in my posts may contain affiliate links. That means that when you click on my link I will make a small profit at no additional cost to you. It helps to keep my blog up and running! Thanks for your support. 

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