Here is the 2nd part of my day in the life of a stay at home twin mom, part 1 was getting quite long so I decided to turn it into 2 posts. If you haven’t read part one click here to read it.

Nap Time

At about 12:45 the boys were getting pretty tired so I changed diapers, gave them a bottle and put them in their cribs. Using the same routine that we did for the first nap time, they were asleep within just a few minutes.

I heated up my lunch, this day it was leftovers from last night’s lasagna and sat down and ate and caught up on some YouTube for about 30 minutes.

Naptime is my time to get my things done. Since I completed my blog work during first nap I had this whole time to get the rest of my cleaning finished. I folded to laundry and put it away. Cleaned up the kitchen & gave the boy’s high chairs a disinfecting.

Supper Preparation

I try to think about supper during this nap time, this a good time for me to start things in the crockpot. On this day I had planned to cook my favorite crockpot recipe. It’s the Mississippi Pot Roast. You can find the recipe here, it is a family favorite. I had a smaller roast and we don’t eat until about 8pm so I had plenty of time to get it finished.

stainless steel crock pot with meat and veggies inside.


This is a rare thig. I hardly ever get time to sit down and relax but I got everything finished today and the boys were still sleeping so I took a 30 minute power nap.

Wake Up/ Big Brother Home

The boys were up from their nap at about 3:15, I put them in their high chair and gave them some water and a snack. Today’s snack was these superfood bites and some kiwi. The boys love them!

While the boys eat, I make Brayden his favorite afterschool snack, a PB&J. He is home at 3:40 every day and he comes in starving. I’m sure your kids do too!

This is time when we just hang out, Brayden enjoys playing with the boys. I usually spend from about 3:40-5:00 in the floor with all 3 of them. We read books, and play. This is a special, fun time for all of us.

Going for a walk

Between 5 & 6:00 we usually load the boys in their stroller and go outside for another walk. Isaac loves looking at the cows and Eli loves the “ducks” (chickens), they think that anything with a beak is a duck! Brayden rides his bike around the farm and we will stop and visit my parents for a few minutes. This is kind of our wind down time.

Finish Cooking Supper

At 6:00 Andy gets off work, he usually calls me and tells me when he is leaving because sometimes he gets off later than 6. He commutes for about an hour so this is kind of a busy time for me.

I put the boys in their high chairs and begin feeding them supper after I get everything finished up. This night they had some pot roast, carrots, and mashed potatoes.

7pm, Andy was home. He spends about 30 minutes playing with the boys. The next 30 minutes we spend getting them ready for bed. Getting a bath, bottle and in PJ’s.

At 8pm, we put them down and we eat supper. After Supper, Andy takes that time and spends with Brayden. They love playing Chess together. I *usually* do the dishes during this time.


9pm, it’s off to bed for Brayden. Andy and I usually go to bed at about 11, so we have a couple of hours to spend together. This night Andy watched tv and I worked on my blog some more. We are fine with this. We don’t care as long as we’re spending time together.

11pm, I usually drag into bed because I am exhausted by this point. I brush and floss. Wash my face and apply my moisturizer and lotion to my arms and hands. This is my favorite moisturizer and lotion that I use DAILY.

simple bedroom with comfortable and cozy white bedding

I hope that you’ve enjoyed walking through my day as a stay at home twin mom. This is a typical day for me, however, life happens. Some days I go to the grocery and the boys miss a nap. Other days they just won’t nap much regardless. Some days I get all of the things done, others I am in survival mode and it’s luck if I get lunch by 4pm.

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