I know that people think that stay at home moms don’t really do anything all day. It’s a stereo type and to be honest, it’s ridiculous. You really don’t understand what a stay at home mom does, until you are one.

Today I am doing something a little different. I am sharing a day in the life of a stay at home twin mom. This is a good chance for me to also share my routine with you! You all know that I am a huge fan of routines! Check out this post about how I get back on track with a routine when life gets busy.

This will only be half of my day in the life, Part 1 will include our morning and lunch routine and Part 2 will include our afternoon and evening. Expect part 2 next week!

Wake Up!

I wake up every morning at 6:45. I have a bad habit of hitting the snooze button so I put my alarm clock in my bathroom. That way I have to get up to turn it off and by that point, I’m awake. I throw on my robe and go to wake up Brayden. We are sure to get his book bag, lunch, and clothes out the night before. This makes mornings much easier. I don’t really have to do anything for him in the mornings anymore. He just gets dressed and brushes his teeth and he’s good to go. He gets on the bus at 7:05. This is the time that our coffee pot starts brewing and also when Andy gets up.

The boys are up as well between 6:45 and 7:00. I get them changed and into their clothes for the day and put them back in their cribs with a small toy to play for a few minutes. This is the time for me to get ready. I will take a shower if needed, fix my hair and get dressed. I also try to make my bed at this time.


At about 7:45 we see Andy off for the day and I get the boys in their high chairs and get them and myself some breakfast. This morning they had yogurt, a banana and cheerios, I had a banana and an English muffin. It really varies what we have. Sometimes I make them an egg, sometimes I don’t have breakfast at all. We change things up often. I also throw my laundry in the washer since our laundry room is right next to our kitchen.

Play Time

At about 8:00 we are on to the living room, it’s nice that we have an open living room and kitchen because I can put the boys in there to play and still get some dishes done while watching them. So that is what I did. I tidied up the kitchen and they played. I joined them at about 8:30 for some playtime with them, we also read some books together on this day.

Nap Time

The boys went down for their first nap at 9:15. They sleep in their cribs in our bedroom. They also have a bottle at this time. We always turn on the sound machine (This one is BOMB and affordable!) we prefer summer nights which is basically cricket sounds.

This is my go time. How I spend nap time determines the rest of my day. I will say 90% of the time I make this time productive the other 10% I sit down and watch tv. This day I threw the laundry in the dryer and worked on some chores. I did my dusting, vacuuming the living room and Brayden’s room, mopped the living room and kitchen. I used the rest of naptime to work on my blog.

Wake Up/ Snack Time

Eli and Isaac are usually up from their nap at around 10:45. I bring them back into the living room and change them. This day the weather was so nice so I put them in their double stroller ( I would link but it’s terrible and I don’t recommend) and we walk to my parent’s house. They down the street. We take us some water and peanut butter puffs with us for a snack. We visit there until about 12:00.

baby peeking out over stroller
Isaac was peeking out over the stroller!
Eli was showing off his pearly whites.

Lunch Time

We made it back home a little after 12:00, it was time for the boys to have lunch. Today they had some boiled eggs, cheese and applesauce with some water. This is one of their favorite meals! Momma doesn’t get lunch until the boys go down for their next nap. We finish lunch and then have some more playtime until naptime which is normally around 12:45.

Click here for Part 2!

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