Finding a new babysitter or nanny is hard. It’s so hard to meet someone once or twice and trust them with your kids lives. I know that may sound dramatic but it is the truth. They are responsible for your children for a big part of the day.

I highly recommend a formal interview with your potential babysitter. I also recommend that you let your kids meet with the potential babysitter as well.

Today I am going to share with you some ideas that you may not think to ask during your interview with them.

Do you smoke?

To some, this may be controversial but this is something that some people may need to know. For us, our twins couldn’t be around smoke, second hand or third-hand smoke.

Are your vaccinations up to date?

Another controversial topic but another one that needs to be known. If you vaccinate your child and your babysitter doesn’t have their vaccinations that could lead to an unfortunate situation.

Are you CPR and First Aid Certified?

This is something that I am a stickler for. It may be the nurse in me or it may be the mamma bear coming out. I at the very least want my babysitters to be CPR certified. You NEVER know when something could happen. It’s nothing that anyone wants to think of but if it happens you’ll be glad that they have some knowledge of what to do. It’s also good to have one ofthese on your refrigerator.

What household chores are you comfortable doing?

If they will be staying in your home this is a good question. I’m not asking them to do housework all day but just simple tasks like picking up toys, cleaning up after lunches and snacks, etc. I have a friend who asks her babysitters to wash some of the kid’s laundry while they nap. This is something that you need to bring up at their first interview and see if they’re comfortable with that.

Are you willing to stick to our strict routine?

This was a big deal for us in the beginning. The boys were on a very strict routine after coming home from the NICU. You need to ask this, some people just don’t grasp the concept of routines with babies and children. And a lot of times you will find that some people are just “dead set” on knowing what’s best for kids no matter your thoughts. (I’m looking at you, Aunt Karen)

How’s your driving record?

This is more for if your babysitter will be driving your kids somewhere. They may seem like the best babysitter ever, but if they’ve had 6 speeding tickets and 4 accidents in 2 years you may want to reconsider letting them drive your kiddos to the library.

These things may be awkwrd to bring up but it is 100% okay for you to ask him or her these questions. Like I said, they are respinsuble for your children. So please ask all of these questions plus some. Also make sure that you bring up any expectations or requests in that intitial interview.

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