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Organizing your closet can be extremely overwhelming. To me it isn’t overwhelming it is exciting! So that is why I am walking you through this organization project that I completed recently.

I do organization projects in my own home but when I run out of things to do, I will help out some family. This particular project I organized a spare closet. Of course, I got permission to share these photos!

We will start with a before picture!

messy closet with no room

This closet was used for storage but also needed to be tidy and accessible. There was a HUGE variety of items in this closet. From office supplies to old pictures and scrapbooks to tools. A lot of people have areas in their home like this, especially if you don’ have a ton of storage space.

Take everything out.

This was overwhelming. I told her, the first thing that we need to do is remove EVERYTHING from the closet. She looked at me like I was crazy, but you need a nice clean space to start off with.

I’m not going to lie, it took some time. We would pull out one box at a time, go through it and sort things.

Sort all of the things.

This was time-consuming but worth it. We had a garbage bag, a donate pile, a sell pile and then we had different categories. With your categories, it’s as simple as just putting like items in a pile. We did this with every single item in this closet. It will take you some time. but you will enjoy your newly organized space.

Take a break and take a breath.

This is when it gets overwhelming. When you have 10 piles of “stuff” around you and it looks like your closet just exploded all over your floor. Take a break, go to a different room. Clear your mind. Just make sure that your break is temporary and you go back at it soon! One of the first big organizational projects I completed in my own home, I got overwhelmed. I shoved everything back in the closet and left it, for 3 weeks.

Don’t do that. You’ve come so far already. Keep at it!

Remove items you’re not keeping.

That donation box, take it to your car. The garbage, take it out. Get that stuff out of there! Don’t think twice about it. If you have items you’re going to sell, go ahead and snap a pic and post it online if you’re selling it on Facebook or Craigslist.

Get organizations supplies.

I went shopping with this person a couple of days before this. I had seen her closet and took some measurements. We went to the Dollar Tree and bought a few different bins in different shapes.

It’s perfectly fine to take some basic measurements and head out to the Dollar Tree now. If you go after you have removed everything it tends to be a little easier. You have an idea of what bins you’ll need and you won’t buy too many.

Use what you have.

We spent $10 on this project. But she had a lot of organizational supplies and baskets that we were able to use.

Get creative. Search your house for any unused basket or bins that you’re not using. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect, it just needs to work for you!

Clean, organized closet

This closet is far from Pinterest perfect but it does work for this particular person. This system is made for her. It needs to work for her, not me or anyone else.

Put unused items up higher.

Put all items that aren’t commonly used on the highest shelves. You’ll see we put extra lighted candles and decorative lighting as well as old photos on the top shelf.

You don’t want to put

Use magazine holders.

We got these magazine holders for $1 each at the dollar tree. They are made out of a sturdy cardboard. I feel like they will hold up pretty well. They had a few different styles and if you’re on a budget but not feeling the pattern you could always cover them easily with contact paper.

Label everything.

I got these labels, once again at the dollar tree. They’re just paper material with an adhesive back but these work just fine for a small project like this. You an get some cute chalkboard labels from Amazon if you want to make it a little more pretty.

I label EVERYTHING. Even if you can plainly see what is in the bin, still label it that way you and everyone else knows where to put things back at.

Show some grace.

Change is hard. When everyone is used to just throwing things in this closet that habit is hard to beat. Show yourself and your kids and or spouse some grace. Make a point to once a week get in there and make sure things are where they belong. Remember that it will take some time to get used to this new system.

Readdress in 1 month.

1 month after completing your organization project sit down and think about what is working and what isn’t. See if there are any changes that need to be made. This isn’t a one and done project. I think that organizational projects take maintenance and sometimes you need to change things up.

Also, look at the items still in your closet. Is there anything that you can still get rid of, are you really still needing all of these items. If so, and you have the space for them, that’s fine. If you’re struggling with space still, maybe it’s time that you downsize a little more if you can.

Remember the least amount of items that you have, the less you have to keep tidy.

I really hope that this realistic closet organization project will help you out!

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Links in my posts may contain affiliate links. That means that when you click on my link I will make a small profit at no additional cost to you. It helps to keep my blog up and running! Thanks for your support. 

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